Pass Interference Actually Encouraged As Puppy Bowl Returns

Sorry, Saints fans, I couldn't resist with the headline.

A few years back, I was living in Ames. My wife and I decided to head to a local sports bar to watch the Super Bowl. There were multiple screens...none showing Puppy Bowl in advance of the Big Game. A customer complained. The restaurant put Puppy Bowl on ONE screen. Complaints continued. The restaurant put Puppy Bowl on multiple screens. After all, who wants to watch closed captioned pre-game?

I still remember the cheers and roars of the sports bar crowd as we enjoyed Puppy Bowl. It received as much emotional reaction as the Super Bowl that followed!

This year's Puppy Bowl is almost here.

The 15th annual event will be broadcast just a few hours before Super Bowl 53. The 93 adorable puppies featured in the bowl come from 53 different shelters across the United States, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica, with 36 of them having special needs.

The pups will compete for the Lombarky Trophy and the Most Valuable Puppy award when they are divided into Team Ruff and Team Fluff on Sunday. The televised event also includes appearances from Shirley the Sloth, baby sloths, baby kangaroos, porcupines and capybaras, with a kitten-filled halftime show.

The chaotic and adorable event kicked off in 2015 with the hope of getting more animals adopted from shelters. It’s worked! And with these ambassadors of the pet world, why wouldn’t it?

The 2019 Puppy Bowl will air on Animal Planet at 3 p.m. this Sunday.


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