Who Controls The National News You See?

I have no problem with the voters of Iowa's 4th Congressional District passing judgment on Congressman Steve King's words and actions in the next election.

I DID have a problem...and said so before AND after the election...with the coordinated smear campaign against Congressman King and the lack of transparency behind it.

Remember that there are two forces at work here: anti-Trump activists and pundits who target those that support Trump AND liberal Democrats. It was clear to me from the beginning that there was a coordinated effort just before the election to make Steve King the poster boy for the anti-Trumpers and liberals who wished to tag the "racist" label on ALL Trump supporters. The now-defunct Weekly Standard (an anti-Trump publication) ran a hit piece of King, followed by the national media doing follow-up pieces, followed by Buzzfeed doing a positive piece nationally on his opponent and subsequently hundreds of thousands of dollars flowing into that opponent's account.

I asked at the time: who is behind an obviously coordinated national campaign to tag Trump supports with the racist tag? No answers. Because why would the national media report on who controls the national media?

I raise this question because of the ongoing controversy in Virginia. It began with a yearbook photo featuring two students - one in blackface, one in a Klan hood - and the allegation that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was ONE of the students in the photo.\

That generated a push for Northam to resign so he could be replaced by Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax - and the sudden appearance of a sexual assault allegation that was known to the media but never reported.

The Washington Post was first approached by the alleged victim more than a year ago and decided not to publish her story. The Post explained Monday that it declined to report the woman’s allegations due to an absence of corroborating evidence.

Let that sink in Brett Kavanaugh supporters - the Post declined to report the woman’s allegations due to an absence of corroborating evidence . In fact, Fairfax is USING the Post's decision not to publish to BOLSTER his denial of the accusations.

And let me go back to the original allegation against Northam: with the heightened focus on racism in the last election - NO ONE KNEW OF THE YEARBOOK PHOTO?

I ask again: who controls the national media you see and hear???


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