For Your Valentine: A Colonel Sanders Faux Bearskin Rug

If you are in a long-term relationship, chances are that you've run out of gift ideas for Valentine's day. I'm your pal, so I have a suggestion: a Colonel Sanders faux bearskin rug.

he white fluffy rug looks just like a bearskin rug, but instead of a bear, it’s got good ole Colonel Harland Sanders’ head, arms, and legs. Is it creepy? That’s for you to decide but if you want to get your hands on one, you’ll have to win it.

To enter the contest, you’ll have to get creative in their online contest and submit your “unique and wacky” SFW content on Reddit. There are three ways to enter and three prizes up for grabs:

Photoshop Battle - Turn an image of the Colonel rug into a funny, ridiculous, or romantic “digital masterpiece.”

Storytelling Challenge - If you’re better with the written word, put your skills to use in their storytelling challenge.

Drawing Duel - Turn in your one-of-a-kind art piece showing your ideal romantic evening, inspired by what else? The Colonel Sanders rug.

The contest is open until this Sunday (that’s February 10th) at 11:59pm ET and winners will find out the next day. And have no fear, they’re going to rush deliver packages to winners so they arrive in time for Valentine’s Day.

Of course, I can hear you asking if I am vying for a rug for Boo for Valentine's Day. And the answer is no, she'd leave me.

But I do appreciate how companies like KFC keep coming up with viral marketing ideas. Cheers!


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