Teen Finds Flaw With Facetime; Gets Reward From Apple

As a parent, have you ever asked your kids to fix a piece of your tech equipment? I have - and have also asked the kids to show me how to operate a new app or download. I also enjoy working with a lot of young people who are happy to share their knowledge of the latest software and equipment.

If you've had this experience (and who hasn't???), you MIGHT not be surprised to learn that it was a teenager that discovered the FaceTime bug. You'll recall that the bug that allowed people to eavesdrop on conversations even if the other person didn't answer the call. Apple has now released a fix for the bug.

Apple disabled its Group FaceTime feature last week when a 14-year-old in Arizona discovered the flaw. It's not clear how long the flaw existed before it was discovered. The update comes after a “thorough audit” of the Facetime software.

The teen who made the discovery, Grant Thompson, is being officially credited by Apple for discovering the flaw and has been gifted with tuition money and more by the tech giant. No one is disclosing how LARGE the Apple reward to Grant will be in total.

Apple is urging all users install the new software as soon as possible.

If you are an Apple iPhone user like me, you'll probably get a notification to install the update - iOS 12.1.4.


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