Iowa has already used a winter's worth of sand and salt

AMES, Iowa- The Iowa Department of Transportation has already used about as much snow-fighting material (including salt and sand) as they would during an entire winter. DOT Winter Operations Administrator Craig Bargfrede tells WHO Radio news they've gone through at least 140-thousand tons of sand. He says they have about 220-thousand tons of supply left in their 101 garages across the state. He says that's plenty for the rest of the season.

Bargfrede says the staff has been taxed over the last month, and running hard. He says they've been using temporary seasonal staff to the full extent, and they're praying mother nature will cooperate, and give everyone a break.

Tonight (Tuesday night) hundreds of Iowa DOT trucks and plows are operating throughout most of the state, trying to keep up with blowing and drifting of snow, after the latest round of significant snowfall.


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