Will You Go To McDonald's Next Week For A Donut?

We heard rumors about this but now they’ve been confirmed and McDonald’s will be serving up their Donut Sticks for a limited time starting February 20th. The fast food chain’s website describes the breakfast treats as “sweet golden-brown dough sprinkled with cinnamon sugar,” and says they pair perfectly with a McCafe coffee, naturally.

The Donut Sticks are supposed to be crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and they’re served warm and will be available in six or 12-packs.

This isn't first time that a chain has tried what I call a "mash-up" food. Witness the "donut fries" at Dunkin

Will you head to McDonald's next week to try a donut stick? I won't. I think certain restaurants specialize in certain things and SHOULDN'T cross over into other territory. I go to McDonald's for breakfast sandwiches. I go to Dunkin' for donuts. Never the two shall meet.

That said, I get what is happening in these restaurants. You've got a car full of people and nobody can agree on what to eat. So fast food chains are expanding their choices. When Boo and I were recently in Las Vegas, we stopped at a Jack-In-The-Box for the first time in a LONG time. I swear there were 687 items on the menu.

I do note that McDonald's says that these donut sticks are available for a "limited" time. That means they are testing the popularity. Which means we may never see them again.


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