Iowa Utilities Board demands Dakota Access detail pipeline progress

DES MOINES, Iowa- The Iowa Utilities Board is demanding Dakota Access provide a "punch list," that is a list of repairs and incomplete work, for each county along its pipeline route through Iowa, and notify county Boards when construction is complete.

The I-U-B has learned of several pipeline construction items which are unfinished in several counties, and county inspectors do not yet consider the project complete.

The I-U-B is also denying a formal hearing request from a Boone County landowner who claimed damages related to pipeline construction.

Boone County landowner LaVerne Johnson requested a formal hearing with the IUB on his allegation that Dakota Access damaged his property. Johnson has denied the company access to the property to finish the work. The IUB ordered Mr. Johnson to allow the company to the easement on his property to finish the work.

The IUB issued a statement reading:

"In accordance with Iowa law, the county Board of Supervisors must verify and make the determination of pipeline completion before impacted landowners can file petitions for a compensation commission to determine damages, if applicable. The IUB order indicated that any damages incurred by Mr. Johnson, or other landowners, as a result of the construction or subsequent activities, must be addressed through negotiations with Dakota Access or through a county compensation commission if no agreement can be reached."


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