Jeff: New Avengers Trailer Gives Me Chills


I've told the story of why I have loved comic books before: my mom provided child care for a dad who brought me a big box of comics to read each week. Because of comics, I have a life-long love of reading.

I've been happy at the quality of the Marvel cinematic movies (Iron Man 2, the standalone Hulk movies, and Captain Marvel were meh, but that's a pretty good track record) and have been pleased to be immersed in the universe as an adult. That's why the final trailer for Avengers: Endgame gave me chills.

It takes fans on a journey throughout the last 22 Marvel Cinematic Universe films. There are clips from “Iron Man,” “Ant-Man,” “Black Panther,” and more. It's believed that this movie will end the first "chapter" of Marvel movies and some characters will not survive. So this makes the trailer a sentimental journey.

Of course, you can't have a trailer without fan theories. The clips are fueling fans theories that the movie premiering on April 26th will involve time travel via the Quantum Realm, too.

Let's all find out on April 26th, shall we?


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