$17M of your money spent yearly to clean up your littering...why???

Gerald Schneff of Keep Iowa Beautiful joined Van and Bonnie in the WHO Radio studio today to talk about the littering issue in Iowa. Gerald said their figures show Iowans spent $17,000,000.00 to clean up trash in Iowa in just one year....why? Because YOU won't put your trash in a trash can. Because people throw things out their car windows instead of waiting to throw them in the trash at home or stopping at a gas station and throwing it away there...we as tax payers are shelling out $17,000,000.00 a year to clean up after them. You want more money to go toward roads, education and more....quit throwing your trash out the window and we can have $17,000,000.00 more to spend on things that are important! You can hear the entire interview with Gerald here...



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