Mississippi River within inch of flood record at Davenport

DES MOINES, Iowa - The Quad Cities may come even closer to a new record crest on the Mississippi River with up to a half inch of rain possible tonight through tomorrow morning.

The current predicted crest is 22.4 feet, but National Weather Service Quad Cities Hydrologist Jessica Brooks tells WHO Radio News an additional half inch of rain could increase projections.

''I think 22.5. Maybe 22.6, but I really don't anticipate that happening. So I don't think that's going to be enough rain to cause a record to be broken, but it might get really close to it.''

Brooks also explained how the stage was set for this type of event months ago.

"It all started last fall when we had a really wet fall period and then all the snow that we got here and then the snow they had up north made the situation worse as the soils are really wet.''

The Mississippi River is currently two inches within record flood stage

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