People Are Hiring Donkeys To Serve Beer At Weddings

I know there's a labor shortage but THIS is ridiculous.

People are hiring donkeys to serve beer at wedding receptions.

ACTUALLY, I think this trend has more to do with the fact that a lot of folks want to make a cool impression on social media. So there's a lot of unique prom proposals, wedding proposals, and now there's a unique idea for your wedding reception sure to capture "likes" on Instagram: donkeys serving beer at weddings.

Couples in Texas and California have started adding what are being called “beer burros” to their wedding, donkeys who roam around an event serving beer and snacks to guests, and, of course, posing for the occasional Instagram photo.

The company Texas Hill Country Events in Wimberley, Texas are responsible for the “beer burros” trend, with the company having eight burros in their herd, including two named John Wayne and Annie Oakley. Each donkey carries around six to 12 beers in custom-made pack saddles, and will great guests upon arrival, and also pose for pictures with the bride and groom. 

As for how much they cost, it will set you back $575 for the event, plus fees if the event is 30 miles away from their ranch.

Here's the only reason I'd be convinced that the burro is a good value: if the donkeys are available to give inebriated guests a ride home after the reception.

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