Here's What In The World's Most Expensive Cup Of Coffee

Are you one of those folks who like to complain about the price of coffee these days? Yeah, I know there are those who like to roll their eyes of how much a cup costs at a coffee shop. And there's always those articles about how much money we could invest if we gave up our "fancy" coffees.

I don't care.

A yummy cup of coffee is a source of instant happiness. I'll usually order up...and then issued a satisfied "mmmmmm" when I take my first drink. As that warm feeling fills my tummy, I feel happy. How much is that worth?

According to some folks...A LOT.

Specifically for coffee drinkers in San Francisco, the answer is $75.

A single cup of coffee just sold for $75 at Klatch Coffee's new San Francisco location, which hosted a tasting over the weekend. The single-source organic coffee bean is known as Elida Geisha Natural, which garnered a record $803 per pound at auction and cost nearly $1,200 a pound after roasting.

Klatch purchased 10 pounds of the beans, which is just 10% of the 100 pounds that was auctioned off worldwide. Don't worry. Klatch is also selling the beans online for $75 for 18 grams of coffee.

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