Heavy rain, flash flooding across Iowa RAIN TOTALS, PHOTOS

Photo WHO-TV 13

DES MOINES, Iowa - We've had some heavy rain over the weekend.  Rain totals below.

Cedar Rapids and other parts of Eastern Iowa are at the top of the list.  Cedar Rapids had about an inch of rain Friday, three-fourths of an inch Saturday, and another one-and-a-third inches overnight to total about 3 inches.  

There are numerous reports of flash flooding in parts of Eastern Iowa, and rivers and streams are running high.  Photos of flash flooding in New Hampton posted by Mayor Deb Larsen on Facebook below. Photos of Flash Flooding in Swisher by KCRG-TV 9 below.

In Des Moines, 2 inches of rain Friday, and another half-inch Saturday. Flash flooding destroyed Foster Drive in Des Moines. Photos from WHO-TV 13 below. The Des Moines, Raccoon, and North Raccoon Rivers are in a flood watch through the coming week.

At Davenport the Mississippi River is expected to rise back into major flood stage, and crest next weekend, but Iowa is likely to see another batch of heavy rain Tuesday into Wednesday, so that could raise flood estimates.

In Sigourney the Skunk River is expected to reach major flood stage and crest Monday.

CLICK HERE for interactive Iowa flood river gauges.

Saturday May 18 rain totals below, from most rain to least.

Friday May 17 rain totals below, from most rain to least.

Street damage on Foster Drive in Des Moines from heavy rain. Photo WHO-TV 13


Flash flooding in New Hampton, Iowa

New Hampton, Iowa Photo by Deb Hansen

Flash Flooding in Swisher, Iowa Photo by KCRG-TV 9

Swisher flash flooding KCRG-TV 9

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