Forget Almond Milk, Iowa! Twix And Snickers Milk Exists!

A New York writer recently took a lot of flak on social media for tweeting the above. Internet wag Iowahawk causes such observations by coastal writers visiting Iowa as "gorillas in the mist" comments. I responded by tweeting a picture of a refrigerator full of almond milk at the downtown HyVee.

But forget that because Twix and Snickers milk is here!

That's right: candy bar-flavored milk is now a reality. That’s right sugar lovers, your beloved chocolate milk has gotten an upgrade, thanks to Nestlé.

Twix and Snickers chocolate milk products are hitting convenience stores this month to satisfy all your sweet teeth. Not everyone’s going to want to chug a bottle of caramel-y chocolate milk, but it might make a tasty upgrade for your regular coffee creamer.

We do live in an age of wonders.

Incidentally, Bonnie recently asked me off-the-air if I had tried Orange Vanilla Coke. I did - and I love it. I am a sucker for Orange-flavored things (like chocolate) and this is REALLY good. I am now seeking it out at stores. It's available in Coke's "zero sugar" beverage, so yummy flavor but zero calories.

That said, I am not sure I'd triy Twix or Snickers milk. You know what I am waiting for: can Kit-Kat milk be coming?

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