UPDATE: Popup tornado confirmed near Adair PHOTOS

DES MOINES, Iowa - The National Weather Service has confirmed the storm that destroyed a home in Adair overnight, killing one and hurting another Wednesday morning was a tornado.

"The damage assessment team went out to Adair, and assessed the damaged, and determined that it was a tornado." Meteorologist Chan Hahn tells our newsroom. The preliminary rating is a moderate to strong EF-2."

Hahn says wind speeds could have been as high as 130 miles-per-hour. A Tornado Warning wasn't issued, although Hahn says a Thunderstorm Warning did include the possibility of one developing.

"We did see some rotation, a little bit of rotation on radar, but there was a Thunderstorm warning with a tornado possible, then it weakened." Hahn says.

At least four people died in the storms yesterday. Two in Missouri, one in Oklahoma, and now one in Adair, Iowa.

The Iowan killed is 74-year-old Linda Browlee, her husband, 78-year-old Harold Brownlee was hurt and flown to a Des Moines hospital.

Forecasters say the tornado was 150-feet wide, and traveled on the ground for four-miles....and lasted four about eight minutes. Several other houses and other buildings had damage.

Photo by WHO-TV 13 CLICK HERE for WHO Drone13 video.

More photos on Brian Gongol blog below

Tornado damage in Adair - Thumbnail Image

Tornado damage in Adair

Unconfirmed tornado kills one, hurts another near Adair overnight - Thumbnail Image

Unconfirmed tornado kills one, hurts another near Adair overnight

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