Aerial view of area flooding for Missouri Valley farmers

MISSOURI VALLEY, Iowa - A farmer in the Missouri Valley gets a look from above at high water levels and flooding in the region.

Lyle McIntosh is a fifth-generation farmer and also the Chairman of the Vanman Levee District. The scene he saw from up high is not unfamiliar.

“Last two events - 2011 and 2019 - major, major events that are just overwhelmed so many people,” said McIntosh.

Thousands of acres of farm land remain under water and McIntosh thinks that if river management doesn't change soon, more flooding in the region is a certainty.

“And the series of levees that are a lot of small districts, and there's breaches in different areas weren't designed for events of this magnitude,” McIntosh said.

News 6 reports some levees in McIntosh's district have held, but others have not.

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts has issued an emergency declaration for areas affected by flooding and severe weather since mid-May. The move allows state funds to be used for local storm recovery efforts.

Twelve Nebraska counties have already submitted disaster declarations.

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