Iowa officials press railroad for answers to lingering flooding issues

DES MOINES, Iowa - Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds toured flooded parts of southwest Iowa on Monday and numerous agencies will be asking BNSF Railway to add more culverts.

The question is whether or not BNSF blocked escape routes for excess water when it fixed breaches under railroad tracks.

One official thinks earlier action might have prevented a second evacuation in the region.

"We believe if they had put in more tubes north of Percival like we previously requested, that a lot of this water would have flowed to the east and wouldn't have as much water in Percival, if any. And the area of McPaul and Bartlett would be draining better than it is," said Fremont County Emergency Management’s Mike Crecelius.

According to 6 News, the Department of Natural Resources, Department of Transportation and Homeland Security will be involved in talks with BNSF.

BNSF thinks other factors, like breached levees, are contributing most to the flooding in the region. The company also cites 30 additional culverts that are creating better drainage than before.

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