Sleep On THIS Side Of The Bed? You May Be A Liberal

I admit it: I love stories that say, "what DOING THIS THING says about you!" They may not be accurate - I get a kick of astrology but don't believe it - but if THEY are accurate - it's always a "hmmmm...." moment.

According to a new survey, those who choose to sleep on the left side of the bed, tend to enjoy oldies music and drama films, and politically, they also tend to swing to the left. On the flipside, those who sleep on the right side tend to prefer rock music and action flicks, and lean to the right politically.  *cough cough* my marriage *cough cough*

As for why people choose the side of the bed they sleep on, the biggest factor has to do with getting out of it. The poll finds that 40% of people chose their side of the bed because it’s the one that makes it easier to leave the bed. Partners also play a big role, with 31% saying they sleep on their side because their partner prefers the other one.O

Other reasons for choosing a side of the bed include:

  • Better access to nightstand (31%)
  • Better view of TV (25%)
  • I like to sleep against a wall (18%)

Regardless of the side people sleep on, it seems most aren’t actually getting a good night’s sleep. The survey finds despite recommendations we get eight hours of sleep a night, most Americans only get about six. More specifically, the average American gets six hours and 22 minutes of sleep a night, with 22% of Americans getting only between four and five. 

Source:SWNS Digital

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