Democrat front-runner Joe Biden campaigns in eastern Iowa

OTTUMWA, Iowa- Democratic Presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden campaigned in Iowa today (Tuesday), stopping in Ottumwa, Mount Pleasant, and Davenport. During a stop in Ottumwa, Biden criticized President Donald Trump, calling him an "existential threat to the U.S."

Biden said Trump is "whittling away at America's core values and standing in the world. He also said Trump is all about "fear and loathing."

Bide criticized Trump for attacking his critics while in Normandy to celebrate the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

And he’s tweeting about Bette Midler. No. I’m not joking. He’s making personal attacks on Nancy Pelosi, who’s there with him. He embraces dictators like Kim Jong Un, who’s a damn murderer and a thug,” Biden said.

Biden also told supporters he intends to spend a lot of time campaigning in Iowa, ahead of the Iowa Caucuses.

Biden will wrap up his tour in Clinton, Iowa Wednesday.

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