Trump tours Council Bluffs, Iowa ethanol plant

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa- President Donald trump touted the year-round sales of E-15 after a tour of the Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy Plant in Council Bluffs this (Tuesday) afternoon.

The president also praised farmers.

"You are the guardians of a way of life, a great beautiful way of life. You love this land because it's a part of you, you pour out your sweat, your love, and your devotion into this soil each and every day. From generation to generation, you pass down that tradition of American grit, American skill, and American pride,such great pride," said Trump.

The event featured speakers from western Iowa and eastern Nebraska, who thanked the Trump Administration for clearing the way for year-round sales of E-15.

Afterward, President Trump signed an executive order, allowing farmers faster access to agricultural technology.

  • Today, President Trump is signing an executive order directing Federal agencies to streamline the agricultural biotechnology regulatory processes.
  • This executive order will help eliminate delays, reduce developer costs, and provide greater certainty about the review process for farmers.
  • Biotechnology has been used in farming for decades to produce safer, more sustainable crops.
  • Streamlining the biotechnology regulatory process will help create an environment that fosters greater investment in these innovative crops.   
  • The current regulatory process is a regulatory maze that can take over a decade to navigate, delaying innovations that can bring safe resilient crops to the market.

President Trump also talked about trade during the Council Bluffs event and said great strides are being made. "We are still working on China.Japan is going to be a big buyer very shortly.They told me the other day they will be buying a lot of product from your farmers and a lot of other places.They are starting to come in and they are starting to come in very big."

Air Force One then flew to central Iowa, where the President attended an Iowa Republican party fundraiser in West Des Moines.

During President's speech in Council Bluffs he took a swipe at Democratic Presidential front-runner, Joe Biden, calling him "Sleepy Joe."

Biden was campaigning in Iowa Tuesday as well, making stops in Ottumwa, Mount Pleasant, and Davenport. He took a swipe at Trump, calling him dangerous for the nation.

Biden wraps up his trip to Iowa Wednesday in Clinton.

Nebraska Welcomes President Trump  - Thumbnail Image

Nebraska Welcomes President Trump

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