You're Welcome: What Dads REALLY Want For Father's Day

As a radio guy, it's my duty to warn you (er...I mean inform you joyfully!) of all upcoming dates that must NOT be missed for purposes of sending a card, making a phone call, giving a gift...Father's Day is this Sunday and, as a bonus, here's what dad wants.

A poll finds the top gift a dad wants for Father's Day this year is a simple phone call from their child (47%). Other gifts do cost some money though, with a steak dinner the second-most desired gift (41%), although almost equally popular is simple peace and quiet (38%).Other gifts dad wants for Father’s Day this year include:

  • Taking in a ball game with the family (38%)
  • An ice cold beer or two (35%)
  • A cheaper, practical gift (socks, tie, etc.) (35%)
  • Glass of wine (34%)
  • Watch whatever I want on TV (34%)
  • Glass of whiskey (29%)
  • A physical, expensive gift (apple watch, etc.) (29%) 

And while Mother’s Day may seem to get more hype than Father's Day, dads still apprecate having a day that's all about them. In fact, the poll finds that 57% of dads say Father’s Day is their favorite day of the year!

My tradition: go to Adventureland. Although this year is the FIRST year none of my kids or grandkids are available to go with me. But that's okay...I bring the party!!!!!

Source:SWNS Digital

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