Iowa's Grassley predicts USMCA trade deal approval this summer

DES MOINES, Iowa- A U-S trade deal that a lot of Iowa farmers are watching, may be approved by Congress later this summer, according to U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa. He told the Big Show on WHO Radio today (Thursday) the U-S trade deal with Mexico and Canada (USMCA) may be approved in the next couple of months.

He said he's hopeful it will be before Labor Day, saying after Labor Day it becomes more difficult because of a greater emphasis on the Presidential campaign.

"Whether that's before August, or a little bit after August, I can't predict, but this is what I know about the votes (in the Senate). We have 53-Republicans, will probably going to lose a half a dozen Repubilcans, but we're going to pick up half a dozen Democrats," Grassley told WHO Radio.

Senator Grassley says Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has assured him the deal will pass the House. Once it's approved, he says Mexico will ratify it first, then Canada.


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