DNR investigates video of boat driving through geese

DES MOINES, Iowa - The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is investigating video that may show a boat full of teenagers driving through a flock of geese on Black Hawk Lake in Sac County.

A witness with a cell phone caught the footage.

"There's a bunch of geese and goslings up there, there's 50 of them out there, and they drove right through them. So, at first we thought maybe it was an accident, they were pulling and maybe didn't notice the geese. Then they came back and they did it again," said Katherine Thomas, who captured the video and turned it over to the D.N.R.

The agency says what appears on video could be illegal, but if geese were injured or killed on the lake the penalties could get more severe.

"If they were to injure or kill a goose in that manner, they used a boat or a motorboat to kill that goose and you're out of season. I mean, there's a long list of violations that just could be going down funneling through that," said D.N.R. Conservation Officer Dustin Eighmy.

WHO Channel 13 reports the D.N.R. has done no interviews yet, but they do have a good description of the boat.

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