The WORST Things Bosses Have Said To Employees

I have had some really good bosses over the years and many of them have influenced my leadership style. When I was in my 20s working at a radio station at Lake Of The Ozarks in Missouri, I had a boss who remained totally calm no matter what the situation. Working at a radio station is chaotic and there are a lot of emotional, brash personalities (surprising, I know!). No matter what the "crisis" was, he remained calm and provided a steady hand and great leadership. I soon emulated him and still do.

And then there was the one boss who told me, "you'll only hear from me when you are doing something wrong. If I am quiet, you are doing your job."


Buzzfeed asked their readers to share the most insulting thing a boss has ever said to them, and you’re bound to wonder why some of these people still have a job.

Insulting things bosses have said to employees include:

  • "I once told my supervisor I couldn't cover a shift because a close family friend had passed away and the shift was the day of his funeral. My supervisor told me I had to bring in a death certificate."
  • "One day our area manager came into my workplace, stared at my chest, and said, 'I see why you got the job.'"
  • "I was finishing up my shift for the day, and I asked my manager if there was anything else he wanted me to do before I left. He responded, 'Yeah — go in the bathroom and lick the toilet seat.'"
  • "I politely asked my boss for an availability change due to religious obligations, and he told me I had to choose between my job and God."
  • "My boss told me I 'dropped the ball' by going into labor on my due date."
  • "My boss told me that I was really pretty, but that I needed a boob job to be the 'whole package.' She then proceeded to tell me the different options and what size she thought would look best on me."
  • “I went back to work after a long period off after losing my daughter, and my manager said, 'Don't worry — you're still young enough to have another.'"
  • "I wear a hijab, and my former boss once said that I'd look so much prettier without that towel on my head."
  • "I had to get an emergency hysterectomy, and my boss told me that if I went through with the surgery my man would leave me because I'd be a 'useless woman.'"
  • "Once, a boss asked me if I could just tone down my confidence and bubbly personality — he said it was making other employees depressed."
  • "I was eating a banana at my desk, and my boss stopped by to tell me that women should never eat bananas at work, and that if we absolutely insist on eating one, we should break it into pieces instead of eating it 'banana-style.' Because penises."


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