Over 40 million people expected to travel over 4th of July holiday

DES MOINES, Iowa - Some experts say Wednesday might only be the beginning of a very busy holiday stretch on Iowa roads.

If you are planning to travel over the 4th of July four-day weekend, you can expect a lot of company.

"More Americans than have ever been recorded by AAA. Nearly 49 million are making plans to honor the red, white and blue over the holiday," said Mark Peterson with AAA Iowa.

Part of the reason for a four-percent increase in travel numbers is the low price of gas. Regular unleaded has an average price of $2.57 per gallon in Iowa.

With so many people behind the wheel, it is important to bring plenty of patience on the trip.

“People wait until the last minute to do everything. They are in a hurry. ‘I'm going to get in the car, send a quick text, be there in a minute.’ You are doing it at the red light and the car behind you honks because you are not going. It just is unfortunate, because we have all gotten so quick to jump into that category or road rage because we are not paying attention and not taking the time to get to our destination,” Iowa State Patrol Sergeant Nathan Ludwig said.

The busiest travel day is expected to be Wednesday and then Sunday as people are headed back home.

WHO Channel 13 reports extra troopers will be on the interstate during the holiday weekend.

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