Man's foot, cut off by boat propeller, still in Des Moines River

DES MOINES, Iowa - Fire Department rescue crews say a man has lost his foot in the Des Moines River when boaters tried to rescue him on the Fourth of July, and got too close.

"There were a couple of adults, a male and female inner-tubing down the Des Moines River near the Des Moines Rowing Club." Des Moines Fire Department Lieutenant Chris Clement tells our newsroom.

"Somehow they got separated from their inner-tubes and ended up in the water." He says.

That's when some good Samaritans tried to help.

"A boat circled around and tried to render assistance, but, unfortunately the boat got a little too close and the boat's propeller amputated the foot of the male." Clement says.

The man lost a lot of blood, but he is alive. His foot, however, is gone.

"He survived, very fortunate to survive, in those cases oftentimes people do not survive. But, the foot was not recovered." he says.

Photo view from 2nd Avenue Bridge, Des Moines, Iowa , Google Maps.

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