Grocery Stores Dealing With Customers Licking The Ice Cream

As a talk show host, I am increasingly wary of "Internet challenge" stories in which we are told that people are engaging in disgusting and dangerous behavior. Often, these challenges turn out to be #fakenews, OR very few people are actually doing them and it's an overreaction to warn parents that their kids might try it.

But the #icecreamchallenge is very real.

It started with a video that went viral of a grocery store customer licking ice cream in its container and then putting it back on the shelf. A woman licked a tub of Blue Bell ice cream in a Texas grocery store and put it back in the freezer. And yes, the #icecreamchallenge involves others posting videos of people licking ice cream and putting it back.

A lot of people, however, are using the hashtag #icecreamchallenge to show how their ice cream-buying habits have changed since the video.

Some are saying they won't buy ice cream now unless it's sealed, others are chopping off the top third of the carton, and some stores have put locks on their ice cream freezers.

What we didn’t know won’t hurt us. Ice cream is one of the few containers that moved away from being sealed to being wide open for malicious lickers. There’s no way ice cream companies are going to let some bad people destroy their sales, so look for sealed containers, probably coming out faster than we think.

Source:USA Today

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