Des Moines city leaders hold off on gun ordinance

DES MOINES, Iowa - Des Moines is holding off on a new gun law that bans high-capacity magazines and trigger activators, also known as bump stocks.

Council members at a Des Moines City Council meeting Monday night spoke on both sides of the issue.

"Two things will happen if somebody tries to break into my house. Somebody's going to be taken out on a stretcher and somebody's going to be taken out in handcuffs, and I would prefer to be the one taken out in handcuffs," said Des Moines City Council Member Bill Gray.

On the other side, City Council Member Josh Mandelbaum discussed what he sees as a difference between the United States and other parts of the world.

"Mass shootings happen all too often in America. We know they happen at schools, in places of worship, where folks work, in movie theaters and at concerts. Other countries don't have the same problem with gun violence,” said Mandelbaum.

There is no word on when the Des Moines City Council will take up the proposed ban on bump stocks and high capacity magazines again.

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