It Only Takes Cutting A Few Calories To Live Longer

After years of struggling with my health and doing extreme things to try to get healthy, I finally found that adopting a few simple daily practices made a BIG (and sustainable) difference!

The key is sustainability. I would try extreme diets or extreme exercise programs but couldn't keep them up. So I got unhealthy again and, at one point, believed that I'd NEVER be able to stay on a healthy path.

Then I discovered that I just needed to do a few SIMPLE things daily to keep healthy and I could remain fit.

And the science continues to prove me right.

If adding another ten years to your life were as easy as skipping dessert three times a week, would you do it?

A 75 year old discovery about calories is being put front and center again. Back in 1935, Clive McCay began a study on aging and discovered that a low calorie diet helped his lab rats live longer; 33-percent longer to be exact.

It turns out, as other studies since have shown, that calorie restriction is part of our survival response. In times of food scarcity, natural selection kicks in. So, those that learn to eat less survive.

Calorie restriction doesn’t mean dieting, but eating smarter. Last year, a study bolstered these findings by discovering that people who cut calories by 15-percent for two years experienced metabolic changes that resulted in lower cholesterol and blood sugar plus an increase in insulin sensitivity. Those combined slow the aging process.

It turns out the fountain of youth may well be watching those calories.

Source:Psychology Today

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