Scott County, Iowa jury finds boy not guilty of Attempted Murder

SCOTT COUNTY, Iowa- A Scott County, Iowa jury has found a junior high school student, accused of pointing a loaded gun at his teacher and pulling trigger, not guilty of attempted murder. The gun did not fire, because the safety was engaged.

The jury found 13-year-old Luke Andrews, guilty of carrying weapons on school grounds and assault while displaying a dangerous weapon.

The incident happened August 31st, 2018, in North Scott Middle School.

KWQC TV 6 reports defense attorney Melanie Thwing argued Andrews' comments in person, emails, searches on his Chromebook, and messages on a Google Slide were a cry for attention on the days leading up to the incident on Aug. 31, and that those cries went unanswered for days.

Thwing said all Andrews was looking for was attention. She says he got that attention when teacher Dawn Spring directed him to the hall. Thwing says “Dawn, I think, we will all agree handled the situation amazingly. She says Spring gave Andrews that attention he was seeking when she asked him, "Why are you doing this?"

Andrews was being tried in adult court as a youthful offender. The jury deliberated for two days.

(Photo from KWQC-TV)

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