Are The Deaths In Costa Rica Similar To Those In The Dominican Republic?

I've been talking on the radio show about the mysterious deaths in the Dominican Republic. DR officials say the death and sickness reports are an outgrowth of the large number of Americans who visit each year. But the FBI IS investigating whether the deaths and reports of sickness are related. AND a NEW report of deaths in Costa Rica raises further questions.

Tainted alcohol is prompting the Costa Rican government to issue a national alert.

Several brands of alcohol have been tainted with methanol, which is lethal if swallowed and can be found in antifreeze and solvents. Since early last month, 19 people have died from poisoning after having drinks. The victims ages ranged from 32 to 72.

The Ministry of Health said information on the deaths is "preliminary" and an investigation is ongoing. The news is leading some to wonder if tainted alcohol is what has caused the mysterious Dominican Republic deaths. WHO says methanol poisoning outbreaks related to counterfeit alcohol have been reported in at least 12 countries, including India, Norway, Turkey and the Czech Republic.

One of my guests raised the issue of whether drug cartels were selling tainted alcohol in the Dominican Republic. Are we heading to that conclusion?

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