A Medical Mistake May Have Caused Neil Armstrong's Death

I was surprised over the past weekend to learn that Boo has never seen the outstanding HBO series, "From The Earth To The Moon." Of course, the conversation grew out of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing this weekend. I was glad to cue it up for her and HIGHLY recommend it.

Now, some sad NEW information about Neil Armstrong.

A new report reveals that the family of the late Neil Armstrong received a $6 million settlement from Mercy Health, the largest hospital system in Ohio, over the astronaut’s death.

Armstrong died in 2012 due to complications from a coronary bypass surgery and “The Cincinnati Enquirer” reports that two years after his death his sons threatened to bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the hospital, accusing them of causing his heart complication, which resulted in a series of medical errors.

Doctors hired by Armstrong’s two sons, Rick and Mark, found that the legendary astronaut probably didn’t even need the bypass surgery when he had it, and that it was the hospital’s mistakes that caused his death. The hospital ultimately agreed to settle out of court, paying the family $6 mil as long as they kept silent about Armstrong’s final days.

The irony for me (and Boo and I discussed this while watching the HBO show) is that he survived the incredibly dangerous space mission only to die of an alleged medical mistake at home. Everything Armstrong and the other astronauts accomplished was FOR THE FIRST TIME. Even stepping out of the lunar module, Armstrong had NO IDEA how the surface of the moon would react to his "one small step."

Source: USA Today

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