Here Are The New Foods YOU'LL Judge At The Iowa State Fair

I was truly surprised when I was told that over 100,000 people were watching a live-stream of a panel of judges - including me - judging new Iowa State Fair foods. Now it's your turn. There are three finalists for you to try while at the fair. You'll pick the winner.

I am taking this information from the Iowa State Fair news release because, frankly, I stink at describing food. I love food. I love talking about food. I can't describe it.

The 2019 Best New Food Finalists:

Georgie's Roast with the Most Wrap: $10; Located at G Mig's Wrap Stand, this new food is a cheddar tortilla wrap with tender beef pot roast, a white rice mixture containing Chorizo sausage crumbles, roasted green chilies, cheddar Jack cheese, candy corn salsa, crispy corn tortilla crumbles and a sour cream drizzle. On the side is a zest salsa Verde sauce. Gluten free wraps are available at an additional cost.

The Chief: $8; Find The Chief at The Rib Shack, a new creation of Navajo BBQ fried bread with slow-smoked beef brisket topped with cilantro lime slaw and a salsa cream drizzle. A slow-smoked pork option is also available.

Chicken Street Tacos:$9; Chicken Street Tacos include perfectly grilled chicken, sliced thin, and covered with fresh corn salsa and a sweet and salty lime mist, held together with a flour tortilla. A sweet pepper sour cream sauce is drizzled over the top. These tacos are located at the Chicken City stand. (This section is highlighted because Iowans picked the third finalist through the Fair app).

Fairgoers can sample the top three finalists and cast their vote Thursday, August 8 – Monday, August 12 at 11:59 p.m. online, on the App and by text starting August 8. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, August 14 during the Fair.

Visit or download the official Iowa State Fair app to learn more about the 2019 New Foods.

You'll notice that the Fair goers pick the favorite new food halfway through the Fair. That allows fair goers to try the winner during the second half of the Fair. And try they do! The winning Fair food stand becomes a "must stop" for Iowans at the event.

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