School District That Threatened Foster Care Apologizes

I blogged about this and talked about it with you on the radio show: a Pennsylvania school district threatened to take away the kids of parents who hadn't paid their school lunch debt. I thought the letter was way too harsh. But I also pointed out that the school official who wrote the letter was unapologetic when contacted by the media.

Now, the school district has apologized. And money may have something to do with it.

he Wyoming Valley West School District recently sent the hostile letter and backlash ensued. In response, Philadelphia businessman Todd Carmichael, the CEO of La Colombe coffee, offered to pay the debt in full but the district refused his offer. Again, more backlash was piled on.

Finally, the light bulb went on and Wyoming Valley West school board president Joseph Mazur posted a letter that the district will now accept the offer, calling it a generous donation. Mazur added that it just so happens the district now qualifies for the Community Eligibility Program, meaning all students in the district will receive free breakfasts and lunches for the next five years.

By the way, the school board shared in a post on its website yesterday saying it "sincerely apologizes for the tone of the letter that was sent regarding lunch debt. It wasn't the intention of the district to harm or inconvenience any of the families in our school district."

School officials have said they considered serving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to students with overdue accounts but got legal advice warning against it.

Source:ABC News

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