Volunteer Firefighter, two others, face arson charges in Northwest Iowa

(Brent Mack)

NEMAHA, Iowa - Three people, including a volunteer firefighter, are accused of felonies for starting a corn crib fire in Northwest Iowa.

Investigators say 25-year-old Brent Mack, a new volunteer member of the Nemaha Fire Department, started a fire with the other two so he could respond and put it out.

When he returned to the scene with other firefighters, the corn crib was engulfed in flames and deemed a total loss.

There were no injuries, but Mack and 18-year-old Alexander Lilly face class C felonies while a 17-year-old is being referred to juvenile court.

Mack and Alexander Lilly are charged with second degree arson and the 17-year-old female is charged with conspiracy to commit a non-forcible felony in the case. All three are from the town of Newell.

The corn crib which was destroyed is located at 2531 180th Street in Nemeha. Investigators say Mack and Lilly tried to start a fire before using an accelerant.


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