Wisconsin first state to to try to stop the mislabeling of dairy products

The Wisconsin Dairy Business Association is applauding three state lawmakers for new legislation designed to stop the use of misleading labels on imitation milk and other “dairy” products. The legislation would ban the labeling of products as milk or as a dairy product or ingredient if the food was not made from the milk of a cow, sheep, goat, or other mammals.

“The plant-based food industry increasingly masquerades its products as real dairy foods," says DBA President Tom Crave, DBA President. "This mislabeling confuses customers who often make judgments about a food’s nutritional value based on its name. Milk is milk and cheese is cheese, customers deserve transparency.”

A recent national survey about imitation cheese confirms customer confusion. About one-quarter of customers mistakenly think plant-based products that mimic cheese contain milk. About one-quarter of customers purchase plant-based foods that mimic cheese because they believe them to be low in calories and fat, as well as without additives. The reality is plant-based foods contain a comparable amount of fat and calories and substantially more additives than dairy cheeses.

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