Iowa Democrats propose caucus change to national party

The Iowa Democratic Party is proposing to add "satellite locations" for the 2020 Iowa caucus.

The party says its goal is to increase participation and make caucuses more accessible.

The proposal suggests that locations such as factories, group homes or community gathering places apply to be satellite caucus sites.

The party says the new option will be useful for shift workers as well as students, disabled people and Iowans serving overseas.

The proposal is being submitted to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Rules and Bylaws Committee for approval. The caucus takes place February 3rd.

The DNC rejected Iowa's proposal to conduct a “virtual caucus” over a phone system in late August, stating that the system would be susceptible to hackers.

Iowa Democratic Party Tony Price says a lot of effort went into the proposal. “Iowa Democrats have worked incredibly hard to make sure that the 2020 caucuses are the most successful in our state’s history. said Price. “There are many challenges with developing a new system, especially in such a short period of time.

Price says the proposal will improve the caucus process. "A satellite caucus system is the best possible solution to build on the great work of caucus organizers and keep focused on our goal of giving more Iowans a voice in our party and building momentum up-and-down the ticket in 2020," Price said.