Driver Miraculously Survives After Logs Crash Through Windshield

A Georgia driver is lucky to be alive after massive logs crashed through his vehicle when he rear-ended a truck. Police say the driver dropped something on the floor of his SUV and leaned down to pick it up. As he reached down, he crashed into the truck and the logs impaled his vehicle, narrowly missing his head.

The driver remained trapped in the vehicle while emergency crews used a chainsaw the cut through the logs, which went through the front windshield and out the back windshield.

"It was as if it was almost created just for his head," Whitfield County Fire Chief Edward O'Brien told CNN.

The Whitfield County Fire Department shared photos of the scary-looking crash on Facebook and said that the driver managed to walk away with only minor injuries.

It is unclear if the driver will face charges for his role in the accident.

Photo: Whitfield County Fire Department

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