Iowan hooks record muskie at Minnesota lake

LAKE VERMILLION, Minnesota- The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has certified an Iowa man's catch this summer, is a record-breaker muskellunge (muskie).

The MN-DNR says Corey Kitzmann of Davenport, Iowa was fishing at his family's cabin on Lake Vermillion in northern Minnesota August 6th,when he caught a record catch-and-release muskie.

The DNR says the fish weighed about 47-pounds and was 57 and one-quarter inch in length.

Kitzmann told the DNR catching the fish had a special meaning for him. He says that day, while he was tying a homemade, bucktail lure, he learned one of his best friends had died of a medical condition. Kitzmann says he was alone at the cabin, and decided to fish.

“I worked my way through my favorite milk run of spots with my newly tied bucktail, thinking about all the ways my buddy had impacted my life and the memories we had shared together,” Kitzmann said. “I’m not sure there is a better place in the entire world to reflect on life than in a boat on Lake Vermilion.”

“When I set the hook, I knew immediately that I had a nice fish on. It wasn’t until the fish made its way to the side of the boat that I realized I had a true giant,” he said.

The fish made a couple of trips around the boat, under the trolling motor, and even gave a jump or two. Kitzmann grabbed his net and managed to make a successful scoop to net the fish and haul it into the boat.

A nearby boater and his family had been watching the fight unfold and Kitzmann waved his arms asking for help. A man pulled up, jumped in his boat and was able to take photos and help release the fish.

“As the phone calls winded down I couldn’t help but think that one of my best friends, Brian Cronkleton, was looking down on me that day – Aug. 6, 2019, is a day that I’ll certainly never forget,” Kitzmann said.

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