Humanity is a part of victory | Show notes for November 2, 2019

Segment 1 | It's a good thing that al-Baghdadi is no longer in charge of ISIS. But the story that we should really celebrate is that American fighting forces went out of their way to protect innocent lives in the process of chasing the world's most-wanted terrorist leader -- going so far as to place two children in the care of a civilian bystander so they wouldn't be killed or injured in the raid. That's the best of American military professionalism.

Segment 2 | Totally Unnecessary Debate of the Day: What should we do about Daylight Saving Time?

Segment 3 | Technology Three:

Segment 4 | Here's a dubious milestone: The Federal debt just crossed the $23 trillion mark. That's just about $70,000 per person. Who has $70,000 just sitting around that they're willing to turn over to cover the debt?

Segment 5 | Sen. Elizabeth Warren has unveiled her plan for "Medicare for All". "Efficiency" is a cornerstone of her plan. The big question I have is, how will putting government closer to the center of health care make it more efficient?

Segment 6 | After Colorado police did $5,000 in damage to a house in pursuit of a fugitive, the city said they weren't on the hook to pay for the damage. Is this a case for Farmers Insurance ("We know a few things because we've seen a few things"), or is it more an Allstate "Mayhem" problem?

Segment 7 | If you want more border security, does it make sense to funnel more work into an overburdened criminal-prosecution system? Jonathan Haggerty of the R Street Institute has alternative ideas.

Segment 8 | The best story I've read in 2019: Lab rats love driving tiny cars. You have to see it to believe it...the video is glorious:

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