Minnesota Student Ordered To Stop Selling Krispy Kremes Bought In Iowa

A Minnesota college student has been told by Krispy Kreme that he can no longer sell their donuts purchased in Iowa to customers dying to get their hands on those delicious treats.

Seems Minnesota hasn’t had a Krispy Kreme in 11 years, so 21-year-old JaysonGonzalez decided to drive 270 miles to the closest store in Clive and load up on 100 boxes of a dozen dougnuts, which he then sold to customers in Minneapolis-St. Paul for $17 to $20 a box.

But apparently the doughnut giant isn’t at all happy with Gonzalez’s money making venture. After it was reported in a local newspaper, the college student got a call from the company telling him he had to stop because it created a liability for them.

Krispy Kreme claims it’s now looking into the matter, sharing, “We appreciate Jayson's passion for Krispy Kreme and his entrepreneurial spirit as he pursues his education.”

Since I shared this story, listeners have been asking how, legally, Krispy Kreme can get him to stop. I DO think the fact that they mentioned a "liability" is pretty weak sauce.

At the same time, note the statement again: Krispy Kreme praises the student and says it's "looking into the matter." Krispy Kreme KNOWS that this is an opportunity to generate some positive publicity. There's no doubt that you'll be hearing about a positive resolution soon.

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