Des Moines, Iowa set for near historically cold snap

DES Moines, Iowa - The forecast overnight low of 3 degrees for Des Moines will set a record if it gets there. Minus 4 has been recorded in the city in 1911, 1940 and 1986.

Metoerologist Alex Krull with the National Weather Service says high speed winds known as "jet streams" blew an arctic cold front from Canada down into the Midwest. "When that happens we get strong northerly winds," said Krull. "And in this case it has brought in an arctic air mass that has brought in these temperatures."

The system is bringing record overnight lows across Iowa to a low of minus 2 in some spots.

The wind chill overnight in Des Moines could hit minus 5, while parts of central and northern Iowa could reach minus 15.

Krull says the weather will warm up after the current cold snap to the lower 40's this weekend in Des Moines. "Typically around this time of year we are more in the upper 40's to lower 50's, so we'll still be a little bit below normal." Krull said

He says overnight lows by the weekend will be in the upper 30's, which is normal.

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