Bright meteor in Missouri, Iowa, Illinois PHOTO VIDEO

ST. LOUIS, Missouri - There've been more than 120 reports from eight states of a bright meteor in the cold night sky. The most reports come from Missouri, but meteor sightings are also reported in Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Kansas, Nevada, and Oklahoma.

The meteor reports put the time at 8:52 p.m. Central Time Monday, November, 11, 2019, according the the American Meteor Society.

The sighting comes during peak viewing of the Taurid Meteor Shower, known for having fewer meteors than other meteor showers, but larger and slower fireballs when they are seen.

From the American Meteor Society website: The Northern Taurids Meteor Shower is active from October 20th to December 10th, 2019, peaking on the night of November 11-12, 2019.

This shower is much like the Southern Taurids, just active a bit later in the year. When the two showers are active simultaneously in late October and early November, there is sometimes an notable increase in the fireball activity. There seems to be a seven year periodicity with these fireballs. 2008 and 2015 both produced remarkable fireball activity

Videos and photos by permission American Meteor Society. CLICK HERE for more information from AMS.

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