Iowa pork researchers plan Vietnam trip to study African Swine Fever

KANSAS CITY, Missouri- The Director of the Ames, Iowa-based Swine Information Center says researchers are planning to travel to Vietnam to study African Swine Fever. Paul Sundland says they want to learn about infection, ways the illness spreads, how to isolate it, and re-population strategies.

Vietnam is one of several Asian countries dealing with the impacts of the devastating illness, that has wiped out pork herds. AFS has also been found in Eastern European countries

Sundland says it's entirely possible AFS could spread to the United States, possibly by an international traveler who brings food back with them. He says a vaccine against AFS could be years away. He notes, however, the USDA and state agriculture departments have been working very hard on a game plan to prevent the spread of AFS, should it be detected in the U.S. African Swine Fever is of particular concern to Iowa, given the state is the leading hog producing state.

Sundland made the comments at this year's National Association of Farm Broadcasters convention, in Kansas City, Missouri.

New report says China pork demand may never recover from ASF - Thumbnail Image

New report says China pork demand may never recover from ASF

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