The cost on that new Los Angeles NFL Stadium is skyrocketing!

Most projects in the ever-expanding city of Los Angeles end up costing more than originally expected—so why would the future home of the Rams and Chargers be any different? A recent ESPN report says the new stadium in L.A.will cost dramatically more than originally expected.

Fewer than five years ago, Rams owner Stan Kroenke believed the stadium would cost $1.86-billion. By late 2015, the number moved to $2.4-billion. Since then, the project has “gone off the rails,” thanks to vendor competition driven by a $14-billion renovation at LAX airport and an unexpectedly expensive infrastructure association with a field that will sit 100 feet below ground level. Heavy rain in 2017 delayed the opening of the stadium by a full year.

By March 2018, the price had moved to $5-billion. And now, just a year and a half later, officials with the company building the stadium now reportedly refer to it as “our $6-billion stadium.”

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