Pregnant Woman Sees Late Father Kissing Her Unborn Child In Ultrasound Pic

Photo: Getty Images

Sometimes it can be difficult to even see a baby in an ultrasound, but then other times people swear they've witnessed their unborn child waving at them or throwing up rock's devil horns or fighting with a twin sibling. What San Diego-area mom Shantel Carrillo spotted on a scan from her 20-week ultrasound is something she will never forget. At first, Shantel only noticed her healthy baby girl, but after posting the scan on Facebook, people started pointing out that there was "an angel kissing" her baby.

After taking a closer look, Carrillo realized it wasn't just any angel, it was her late father, who passed away suddenly in 2016.

Shantel found a photo of her dad holding her other daughter and his face looks incredibly similar to the one seen in the ultrasound, right down to the brim of his hat which she said he always wore. Shantel told her local news station, "It does look a lot like my dad and it’s awesome. And, you know, it could be him, just saying, 'Hey, I'm here, and it's all good.' Or it could be that the placenta just looks like my dad, which is awesome, too."

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