Iowa Gov. Reynolds Condition of the State address 10 a.m. LISTEN LIVE

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds from 2019 Condition of the State Address, photo WHO Radio

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds from 2019 Condition of the State Address, photo WHO Radio

DES MOINES, Iowa - Governor Kim Reynolds will outline her legislative priorities this morning in her Condition of the State Address.

Reynolds is likely to ask lawmakers to reduce taxes, and says she's looking at how that can be done.

"There are a couple different ways we can do that. We can also plug in some of the growth that we're seeing too, and use that for additional tax reduction." Reynolds tells Simon Conway in an interview on Newsradio 1040 WHO and Newsradio 600 WMT Radio.

She says it's also about strategy, and an eye on the budget.

"Do we start with personal income tax and try to get that more competitive, corporate tax is out of whack." Reynolds says.

"We just have to make sure as we're doing this, it's sustainable, and we can still fund the priorities."

The details Reynolds gave Simon Conway were more concrete than the answer she gave in a preview press conference last week, when she told reporters to stay tuned. In that press event, hosted by Associated Press, Reynolds did tell reporters the State of Iowa is in growth mode.

Reynolds and Republican lawmakers have said if the sales tax goes up it will have to be part of a deal that lowers the total amount of taxes collected by the State of Iowa.

Reynolds is scheduled to address the Iowa General Assembly this morning shortly after 10 a.m. LISTEN LIVE on Newsradio 1040 WHO in Des Moines and Newsradio 600 WMT in Cedar Rapids. Together the two radio stations cover most of the State of Iowa.

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