Be ready for long lines at busy Iowa Caucus sites

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Expect long lines at busy Iowa caucus sites tonight.

"They've (Iowa Democrats) got the biggest spots possible, however with bigger spots comes bigger turnout. In 2016 they saw huge turnouts, and in 2008 Democrat saw big turnout. This is going to be a bigger turnout than what people are used to. A lot of it is just getting there and being patient" says Polk County Auditor Jamie Fitzgerald.

He says Iowans who want to take part in the Iowa Caucuses but aren't registered to vote aren't out of luck.

"You could be a 17-year-old who's going to be 18 on Election Day--you can register and caucus. If you're not registered now, if you've moved, there will be a separate line for you to stand in to register before you caucus" Fitzgerald says.

He says it will be important to double-check the location of your caucus site, as it may not be the same place where you vote on Election Day.

(image form WHO-TV)

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