German Journalist: Iowa Caucuses are Important in His Country

DES MOINES, Iowan - A German journalist covering the Iowa caucuses says the contest is important to people in his country.

Klaus Brinkbaeumer works for A-R-D, the biggest TV station in Germany. He's been covering American politics since the late 1990's.

Brinkbaeumer says issues important to Germans include trade, and how tariffs would a have big negative affect on that country's large auto industry.

But he also says his country has a strong bond with America, "I think the traditional or historic reason (is) the U.S. saved Germany after World War II," said Brinkbaeumer.

As far as following the race itself, he thinks Senator Elizabeth Warren committed a major error when her campaign seemed to be peaking in the polls. "I think she made a big, big strategic mistake by focusing so much on health care," Brinkbaeumer said. "The one issue campaign proposing to take away private insurance, I think that was a big mistake."

Brinkbaeumer further said he's been surprised to hear Iowa voters bring up the issue of climate change. "I didn't expect it in Iowa. I did expect it in Florida, which is affected in a bigger way than Iowa. But you do hear the issue here too."

Brinkbaeumer's making a 90-minute special that'll focus on Iowa and the rest of presidential election heading into November.

He was a guest on WHO Radio's "Need to Know" with Jeff Angelo.

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