Former Iowa Democratic Party Chair Wants to Sue National Committee

DES MOINES, Iowa - A Former Iowa Democratic Party Chair is not mincing words about Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Tom Perez.

"I just truly believe this is part of the DNC trying to take away the Iowa caucuses," said Michael Kiernan. "I believe it. I think we should sue his ass, and keep suing him."

Kiernan says the Democratic National Committee pushed Iowa to use the app that failed during Monday's Iowa caucus.

He also wants to sue tech company, Shadow, that supplied the app.

The state Democratic Party has largely been blamed for the app's failure, along with errors that occurred during long delayed reporting of Iowa caucus results.

Perez tweeted on Thursday, saying "enough is enough" while calling for a complete re-canvas in Iowa. Perez later said only precincts with reported problems should be re-examined.

His initial demand came after the state party had corrected more than a thousands Bernie Sanders caucus votes that were given to another candidate by mistake.

Kiernan contends the state would be financially devastated if it's first-in-the-nation primary contest was taken away. "We're talking a billion dollar problem for Iowa," Keirnan said.

He blames the committee for not conducting tests on the faulty app that has only been in existence for five months.

Keirnan further thinks both Republicans and Democrats in the state will join together to fight back against efforts to condemn the state caucus. "We're not going to sit here and let these people steamroll us because of the decisions they made," said Keirnan. "And now they're trying to make Iowa look like a laughing stock."

Leading national Democrats have complained that Iowa, with a population that's 91 percent white, does not represent the diversity of the party or the country. The messy state of this year's Iowa caucus has led some pundits to predict the problems will mean the ends of Iowa's standing as the country's first primary contest.

Keirnan, as a former state Democratic Party chair, was also a member of the Democratic National Committee executive rules and bylaws committee.

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